For the first time in Sri Lanka, Paradise Pools brings affordable above ground swimming pools and colourful water toys for your family to enjoy in the privacy of your own home (rental or owned) for as low as 67,000/-.

Our swimming pools come fully equipped with a filtration system, so you don't need to change the water. All pools are manufactured by the world leader in above ground swimming pools, INTEX®.

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Paradise Pools is on a quest to ensure that anyone who wants to enjoy a nice dip or swim can in the privacy of their own home.

Below are some of the advantages when installing one of our pools:

Much Much Much Cheaper - Approx. 65% cheaper compared to a similar sized in-ground pool. Your kids need a pool NOW. We can provide a 6 month 0% installment plan on HSBC cards. You can also contact your own credit card provider (in most cases) to get a 0% plan of your own.

Rental Properties - You can now enjoy a pool in your rental home !!! Our pools are not a permanent structure and can be dismantled in less than an hour to be transported to your new location. We cannot take responsibility if your landlord becomes your new best friend to use your pool ;)

Home Owners - You don't have to permanently sacrifice your garden with an in-ground pool. Our pools allow you to dismantle and put it away when you do require your garden for larger parties, construction projects, etc.

I don't want to keep changing the water - Our pools come with a filtration system (similar to in-ground pools) and require basic maintenance by adding chlorine and running the filtration system. We do have salt water systems as well.

Montessories - Our pools reduce the burden of transporting small kids to a larger swimming club or pool.  You can now have your fun water days inside your own property.

Boutique Villas - You can now advertise your property WITH a swimming pool. No need to take out loans for building an in-ground pool.

To see a demo pool, pls call us at 0777 706-100.

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